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Sindric’s partners are excited about the continued progress we are making in penetrating a vibrant and exciting new space on the internet.

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We’re uniting partners, fans, and athletes in ways that will change the game as we know it.

@thlete is built for you, the athlete – to give you the personalized and evidence based suggestions you need to be your best; to fully realize your potential.

@thlete combines data from a breadth of important measures and contextual factors – from biomarkers and menstrual health to wellness and sleep to game and travel schedules – and delivers simple, actionable insights on what to do now and what to do next to optimize your performance.

Unlock the Power
of Your Data

Introducing @thlete, transforming data into knowledge and knowledge into results. Our revolutionary platform is built to help athletes win.

Donation Project by Johny Dar


100+ celebrities have donated their jeans in solidarity with the refugee crisis, to be hand painted by artist Johny Dar and auctioned to raise funds for refugees worldwide.

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The world’s first marketplace for collectibles and non-fungible tokens where anything is possible. All are welcomed.

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