3Commerce Solutions

Our scalable infrastructure allows Sindric the optionality to take equity ownership in select WEB3 companies and NFT Marketplaces it has developed and deployed for its clients and partners

WEB3 Infrastructure

Vertically integrated infrastructure powering all elements
of the Metaverse.
  • White glove bespoke platform development
  • 24/7 Support
  • Marketplace engines
  • Order management engines

Smart Contracts

Bespoke Smart Contract Platform

Blockchain agnostic smart contract platform specifically configured to Sindric clients’ needs and specifications.

  • Blockchain agnostic
  • Blockchain bridges
  • Multi-chain enforcement
  • WEB3 smart contract integration with legacy WEB2 ecommerce

WEB3 Payments

WEB3 Payment agnostic capabilities transacting in fiat, crypto, credit, debit and ACH/wire.


Payment Agnostic
ACH/Wire + Credit/Debit Cards + Crypto BTC + ETH + Any


Compliant payments platform with KYC and AML 3rd party integrations.

Digital Asset Authentication
IP ownership authentication capabilities enabling digital asset fraud prevention through digital contract wrappers validating IP owners rights to tokenize assets.

3rd Party Integrations:  KYC & AML Integration

NFT Authentication
Asset authentication contract wrappers – PWC Audit reports imbedded into NFTs

  • Fiat, Crypto, Credit, Debit, Checking
  • Bespoke limitless collaborators: real-time distribution of proceeds
  • WEB3 payments integration with WEB2 ecommerce
  • 3rd Party Integrations

Web3 Services & Solutions

Vertically integrated Infrastructure powering all elements of the Metaverse

  • White glove bespoke platform development
  • 24/7 Support
  • Marketplace engines
  • Order management engines
* Blockchain Agnostic/Interoperability
* Limitless Collaborators
  • Payment Interoperability
  • Custodial Services
  • KYC 3rd Party Integrations

24/7 WEB3 Enterprise Support


Web3 Development Services

Sindric enables its clients to expand their business into the Metaverse, securely monetize their IP and offer new immersive experiences which create ongoing economic relationships with their customers.

WEB3 Strategy Development

  • Upfront development & integration fees
  • Management & Support services
  • Primary Sales Revenue share
  • Secondary Sales trading fees
  • Marketplace Equity Ownership
  • Transaction & Custodial fees
  • Partner Equity Ownership

Bespoke Marketplace & Meta Experience
Development & Support

  • UX/UI
  • Digital Asset Creation
  • WEB3 Economics
    • Real Asset Backed Tokenization
  • New Asset Class Creation
  • Experience Architecture
  • WEB3 Branding, Marketing, Promotion & Distribution